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Kristine has an in depth background within the realm of human relationships. She has an indepth experience gleamed from her previous career as a Marriage & Family Therapist and Educational Psychologist. She is a retired school psychologist and has previously taught various college courses such as Human Development, Law & Ethics, and Social Concerns as an adjunct faculty professor at National University in San Diego.  Kristine received her masters degree in counseling at the University of San Diego 1990— She received post graduate credentials in school counseling and psychology at Chapman University, San Diego in 1999. She also has an in-depth background in various subtle energy healing modalities. Kristine currently helps others in a much broader capacity within the scope of Relationship Coaching.

Kristine developed her unique Inspired Heart Process which is outside of the realm of pyschotherapy. As a professional life coach, she is considered a keen Relationship Expert.

Kristine is the published author of  Be Friendship Focused , (an anti-bullying, self-empowerment program for children ages 8-12), which now includes the  A-Z Power Cards , a fun, conversational, character-building card deck which she created, along with her then, 12 year old daughter, Alana.  Both are available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. - Published by Beyond Publishing.

Her new book is available at Barnes & Noble and in paperback, hardcover, and kindle on Amazon:   RELATIONSHIFT®:    How to Write the Words You Really Want to Say 

Kristine has a novel approach for helping anyone who might be struggling with any sort of  relationship challenge. She has created the  Relationshift® Process  as well as  Inspired Heart® Letters.   Over the last 15 years, Kristine has composed intuitive, healing letters for clients.  Yes, as a coaching tool, Kristine has ghost-written hundreds of letters for people throughout the US and Canada.  Through her Inspired Heart® Letters, she is able to open the window, heal the pain, and/or influence her clients to manifest more love and compassion than they could have imagined.   Kristine considers her amazing letter-writing service to be based upon a combination of her understanding of psychology or human nature and intuition. 

She has received endorsements from such luminaries as John Gray, Dr. Christian Northrup, Arielle Ford, and Katherine Woodward Thomas. Readers will glean a deeper understanding and gain a new perspective on common challenges related to single people looking for love; creating a deeper love and emotional intimacy in committed partnerships; ending unhealthy or draining relationships with Grace; dealing with divorce and especially co-parenting issues; blended family situations; issues with friendships; family estrangement; and coping with grief or unfinished emotional business through the death of a significant other.  

Along with her gift for redeeming the fine art of effect letter writing, you can also learn to vastly improve your own communication skills for any matters of the heart.

Kristine is a National Speaker at conferences throughout the US.  She has numerous radio and television appearances including ABC, CBS, Fox, and the CW Network.

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