Kristine wrote a letter for me when I was emotionally “stuck” in a relationship that was not healthy for me. She was able to capture the essence of our relationship and the underlying reasons we were not meant to be together. I had known this man since I was 14 and after two marriages, we ran into each at the age of 50. Our patterns at 14 were the same as they were at 50. Once Kristine wrote the letter, and then read it to me, I was set free and had such clarity about the patterns I had developed within this relationship that followed me into all my other relationships.

Since she wrote and read me the letter, I have never chosen that type of relationship again. I have been able to recognize the signs and I feel so much more empowered to choose differently. It was a truly pivotal point, a life changing experience, an epiphany for my heart and soul. I am happy to mention that I have fallen in love with a wonderful guy.

~ Susan D.

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