Rogers and Hammerstein wrote a song in the late forties called “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right out of My Hair” for the play, South Pacific. Sometimes it is not that easy to do, especially when you have had many past lives with a man . . . as in my case. After a bitter divorce that left me penniless, alone, and raising two children on my own, I had an extremely difficult time moving on in life. My ex-husband took me to court on three separate occasions over the course of eight years and it seemed that the connection would never cease. After the third time, I even told his attorney that I didn’t want his money just so I had no further connection to him. Our children suffered terribly in their own ways even after they were grown and moved on to college.

After going to psychologists, psychics, holistic health providers, shamans, and the reconnection healing sessions, I still felt an unhealthy sense of connection to this man. Not a love, hate, or anger, but something was preventing me from disseminating myself from this man even after 15 years. However, during this time, I restructured my finances, found a rewarding profession, and got my children through high school and college.

It was not until I had Kristine write an Inspired Heart Letter for me that I felt a relief that has stayed with me. I mailed it on 12/12/2012, a day that was symbolic and would never occur again. From that point on the connection has been broken and I could feel it within. Later on, when we met up for activities involving our children, he was obviously different too. My desire to make changes in my life started immediately: I got a personal trainer, got a job transfer, and traveled to a couple foreign countries all by myself. It was as if life was put back into my body that I had not felt in a very long time. It is with great gratitude and love that I write this for all to know that this really worked for me, and, believe me, I tried just about everything. It is my hope that it works as well for you as it did for me.

~ Mariana Brown

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