Kristine Rose Grant has a gift with words—not only in her speaking ability, but with her words on paper. She is mighty with the pen. Not only does Kristine write letters from the heart that help people reconnect with each other on a level that transcends the ego and having to be right, but she has an uncanny ability to get to the essence of what really needs attention in a relationship. Whether the disconnect has occurred between a man and woman, a mother and daughter, or father and son . . . the relationship does not seem to matter. As Kris taps into our real connection, she is then able to put pen to paper and put into words a heartfelt communication that both can feel, and their sense of the trueness of their relationship comes into their presence. Kris has a gift which all can receive. Thank you, Kris, for your years of friendship and so many beautiful words.

Kim L. Hartz

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