I am a professional and have a hard time expressing myself when it comes to my feelings to my family, and this is where it really matters the most. I gave Kristine the facts that were contributing to the rift between my son and myself, which was quite concerning at the time for both of us. I did not want to lose him. Kristine took the time and formulated a wonderful letter, which led to an opening for us to get started and start a healing process between the two of us. Without this letter, I saw no way of breaking—truly breaking—the ice and to start to heal the rift that has evolved between the two of us. The letter Kristine wrote for me on my behalf to my son was poignant, to the point, and could have not been more to the point of what I wanted to say but could not express in my own words. I am not the best communicator. My son knew at once that I did not write the letter but he was touched and glad I made the effort. The letter opened up the healing process that has taken time to heal, but it had taken a long time to develop the rift that was getting big between the two of us. Thanks again, Kristine, for being there and helping start the rebuilding of my relationship with my son and my family.

~ Joel Volsky

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