Kristine, your book is a treasure for many people to have. It is a caring, clear, loving, and compassionate guide in covering most of the important issues of life. Congratulations! Ghost letter writing has been an artful and necessary tradition through the centuries for many cultures. It still is a meaningful service today (for the illiterates who wanted to convey their care, love, and longing to loved ones).

Kristine has taken this form of letter writing to an evolutionary consciousness, not only reflecting people’s thoughts, but to help them bring out the core feelings in purity for conflict resolution, without being muddled in power struggle, blame, manipulation, confusion, or desperation.

This “letter-intuitive” book is Kristine’s healing gift to all people who want to express themselves in healthy ways. It is a welcome treasure, especially in this technological age of blip-attentiveness.

Jacqueline Sa, Author Exultation: Erotic Tales of the Divine Union

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