Kristine has helped me so much. I wasn’t the mom and daughter I wish I could have been. I was repeating the only thing I knew: an icy standoff with the very people I loved. So, before Kristine’s help, my three grown sons were barely speaking to me, and my mom and I had difficulty being in the same room together. After years of therapy and rebuilding my life, I wanted some way to reach out to let them know how much having a connection with them would mean to me. So she wrote my sons loving, heartfelt letters expressing the genuine love and heartache I felt. She wrote a beautiful eulogy I read at my mom’s funeral that came straight from my own heart, using my thoughts written by Kristine. She has a gift and skill to express exactly how I feel on paper. My sons have started to warm up to me and though my mom isn’t in physical form, I feel her loving presence every day. Thank you, Kristine.

~ Catherine

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