Spring is in the air.  Those butterflies you see outside in the garden or fluttering by your window may signify the butterflies you have experienced when you are with someone who takes your breath away.  Whether you are in a long-term devoted coupling or still running around with a butterfly net hope to catch your true love . or if you find yourself feeling lonely, sad, and even despairing that you will never find that special someone” … well, this could be the perfect time to clean out your emotional closet.

Consider… just what is it that you have held onto for so long?  What justifiable” story or painful memories have kept your heart somewhat closed and your mind or outlook simply too cluttered with old dusty emotional debris?  You simply cannot expect to enjoy a healthy, loving connection with anyone until you have that same trusting, endearing, and honoring relationship with lifes process and with yourself. 

Excuses, excuses, excuses . Do yourself  a favor and get rid of the old junk… all the ancient history and beliefs you developed .. all the heartache and emotional burdens you continue to hang onto and still carry.  Just kick it to the curb!  Yes… That was then and this is NOW  So if you think about it … what would it be like to release the old baggage and empty out all those psychological and emotional containers that you have stored up over the years? 

Know that every single experience … somehow whether you were aware or not, you played a part in creating.  Trust that notion, and empty those A-Z files.  You know the Accusation file; the Blame File, the Cheated on me file, the Dread and Deeply Disappointed file, the the Envy file, the Fear file, the Gossip or Get even file, the Hate and Hurt  file,all the way to the Zapped my Energy file … Dump It.   Do not recycle it, do not give it to someone else you think could use it 

 Just Get Rid of it! 

Then… if it feels right, take a breath, open your heart, allow the newness of this Spring to encompass you . Allow blue skies, soft grass, graceful flowers, birds chirping, and a new idea.  Your heart can be refreshed, although perhaps wiser .. it can now be open and recognized as a magnetic force of love.  Say a kind word Be helpful.  And stay open.   Hold compassion for those still suffering in the dark, musty, dismal world of emotional hoarding.   Inspired by God … you can mirror the force of love with each thought and deed … Let a fresh spring rain, like a waterfall gently pour over you and cleanse those hidden parts . Treat yourself with loving kindness.  Allow the windows to open and the light to shine in.  And thensee your life transform.  

That s right.  Be open to a new experience and discover what happens next 



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