My Relationshift Process helps anyone seeking to enhance, mend, or create a more positive connection with any significant other.  My penchant for composing Inspired Heart Letters, (which are intuitive, compassionate, and insightful ghost written communications), is a remarkable way to help anyone seeking to find peace, love or emotional relief.  I am easily able to fly over a client’s ego or emotional mask that prevents them from expressing their deeper truth.   I easily tap into their true nature or “higher heart” to express their message  in such a way that does touch the heart of the receiver and causes a positive shift no matter the outcome.

Recently, I wrote an article for Legacy Arts Magazine, (July 2018 issue).  Although I have helped so many clients with all sorts of matters of the heart,  one of my most popular requests is within the realm of Estrangement Issues.  Surprisingly, often there is a ‘Skeleton in the Closet’ regarding sorrowful and lengthy separations from a family member or loved one.  See Legacy Arts Magazine Article below:

To access a flippable PDF version of the article click here.

To view the article on Legacy Arts website click here



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