There can be a circular momentum that builds as a result of witnessing true kindness which usually motivates our kids to creatively come up with their own thoughtful, considerate gestures or behaviors. A child’s focus can shift from feeling disempowered or aggressively seeking power, (which are hallmarks of bullying), to being replaced by a better, if not dramatic urge for experiencing a more wholesome and kinder perspective.

“My years working with children of all ages as a School Psychologist left me with some very precious memories and encounters.   When my daughter entered middle school, unfortunately, she was terribly bullied mostly by “mean girls”.  My heart went out to her since she truly suffered.  As a result, I developed a keen interest in relational aggression and created the Be Friendship Focused or BFF program along with the A-Z Power Cards, (an inspirational, character-building card deck with a provocative conversational topic associated with each word, and each card was decorated by paintings created my daughter and me).   Not only did I share my anti-bullying/self-empowerment program message at numerous national, statewide, and local conferences; but I began leading BFF Groups at the various schools I was assigned to.

I contend that one of the most valuable character traits that we can pass on to our kids happens when they witness or receive random acts of kindness.  When a child experiences a thoughtful word or gesture with no agenda attached only a genuine sense of respect, compassion, or care … that leaves an indelible imprint which can certainly inspire more “feel good” …” Click Here to Read More



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