On purpose? For some, purpose implies taking responsibility for striving, problem-solving…
Or, forcing a self-imposed discipline toward a specific aim in order to contribute.
Doing the right thing. Yes, trying to make a difference.
Yet …
Without a conscious intention
A sunset can make a difference, so can a flower in bloom or the salty sea covering the sand.
The lure of a mysterious forest or looking down from a mountain top,
All this can make a difference in our experience.
Consider the feeling of a soothing bubble bath, a warm embrace,
Tears of gratitude and compassion for those in despair
Winning the lottery, falling in love, or a child’s laughter.
Everything we pay attention to can creatively causes a shift in our awareness.
When we imagine or envision, feel, declare and know it to be true
When we allow even more positive creative expressions of our own divinity to flow
Then we see the notion of purpose as a natural, spontaneous cause and effect.
It seeks tranquility in form.

Our only responsibility or sacred agreement is to allow divine expression to simply show up.
What if purpose really meant discovering and owning who we truly are?
What if purpose meant standing in our power?
Just standing, without fear, but with an open heart knowing love is the juice that fuels our energy
Raising our frequency, setting our heart on fire
And our body, mind, and spirit at ease
Allowing that ongoing, triumphant wave of kindness
Which intrinsically causes us to care for one another
And ultimately encourages us to move out of our own way …
So rise up and follow nature
Hear the sweet melody of the soul.

Perhaps you believe our purpose is to dwell on the why, the wherefore, or the what if.
No matter, we are here, on purpose …Where we are, where we need to be
When you can accept all that you create
Then simply follow your soul’s urge and become a conscious creator.
Yes, create or even re-create your life on purpose.
Openly embrace your journey. Trust your divine synergy with creation.
Awaken to your unique path.
Arriving at this set point, you cannot help but know the supreme value of who you are
Which creates an unstoppable force of grace that washes over each and everyone
Attracting more love, more joy, more peace.

We are one with the Divine.
Whether you know it or not, all is forgiven and all of life is accepted.
Just believe.
When we let go, then all is given.
It is our true nature to experience the rhythm of our unique self.
When there is a painful outcome, this may cause guilt, sadness, anger, or blame
With awareness and grace, we can move forward.
We can make another choice.
You have heard it before, “Go with the flow.”
With unconditional love and compassion be kind.
That is our ultimate divine contribution
So value who you truly are and see the image of God in the eyes of on another
Love more, and enjoy your life on purpose

With Love,



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